I’ve been messing with photography since I was eleven years old. It was the darkroom first and then wielding around cameras. I won’t say how long ago that was, but I can tell you that I was “rolling my own” and needed a hand-held light meter with my SLR. 

Photography has been my love ever since. I am only half of me without my cameras. Photography runs in my blood, delivering creative nutrients to my brain so I can do everything else that I do.

Everyday Graces

This collection of photographs of Venice and environs was taken over a period of two years. They are not travel photographs as much as they are photographic anthropology—observations and records of people's activities in a certain community, ordinary moments seen extraordinarily, moments of grace in everyday life.

Light & Texture

This series is a study of the interplay between light and texture, captured when and how I found it. In all cases, the photographs are the consequence of an experience, an impression retained as an outwardly visible sign of a feeling or effect or vision.


When I make a portrait, I want to capture the essence of a person, body and soul. Ten years of nursing taught me how to engage a person without shattering his or her privacy, and it's this approach that I bring to portrait photography. I want to reveal the genuine person–not uncomfortably exposed, but comfortably without a mask.